What People are Saying About Our Clinic

"Thanks for treating me and being such a good doctor. The Lord has you here for a reason!"

Susan, Patient

"My pain has improved 75% in just 5 weeks of treatment!"

Anonymous, Patient / Rheumatoid Arthritis

Judy, Patient / Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jo, Patient / Severe Arthritis

"I've been in extreme back pain for 3 years visiting many doctors. Nothing worked until I saw Dr. Ghosh. After just one treatment, I'm able to tie my shoes, play soccer with my kids and return to work!"

Eric, Patient / Back Pain

Gloria, Patient / Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ted, Patient / Severe Pain

Teresa, Patient

Jason Hayes

Doctor and staff are super friendly, I would recommend him. I have been fighting pain for years been to several doctors. Dr. Ghosh figured it out in 2 visits.


I was very sick before meeting Dr. Ghosh, I saw a lot of different doctors and he was the only doctor that listened to me with various symptoms. He prescribed the right medication and got me better. Highly recommend

Patricia Harden

I go to him about every 3 months and I am very satisfied with his ability to help me.


Dr. Ghosh and his staff are compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. They take time to listen, test, diagnose and develop a personalized treatement plan. I appreciate him and his staff and know my health is in good hands!

Ruth Eawaras

Dr. Ghosh is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable and speaks in terms you can understand. He really LISTENS to you when you talk and spends plenty of time with you.

Gigner Groff-Brinker

Love Dr. Ghosh I have been going to him for 19+ years. He is a specialist but I also use him as a primary physician.

Sherri Martin

Dr. Ghosh truly cares about his patients. He has a great staff. I highly recommend him.

Ruth Ann

Dr. Ghosh is a great doctor. He actually spends time with you and always LISTENS to you. He is an excellent doctor. I had a lot of inflammation and pain when I first went to him. He has me back up on my feet and comfortable again. If you're looking for a good doctor, he's worth coming to see.

Patricia DeMarco

I've been kind of a problem case for Dr. Ghosh, what with my many allergies to different medicines. He kept reminding me it takes time to find the right combo when I started to get down over it. He stuck with me, found medicine I didn't have an allergic reaction to, and am now thankfully on the upswing. I truly appreciate the time and effort he has spent on me.


Dr. Ghosh is a healer not just a doctor and that's why I'd give him a hundred stars if I could. The stories I could tell about the doctors that I went to before I found him would make you as angry and hurt as I was before I found him. Just baffeled me at what we call doctors today. Sometimes the wait is a while when yhou get there but I'll take that over inferior and uncaring treatment. Thank you Dr. Ghosh you are in a "League of Your Own."
I went to the emergency room in the last year do to pain in my shoulder and arm. The did x-rays and an electrocardiagram and sent me home with a script for 5 pain pills. I don't know if you've ever had dealings with rotator cuff but I must say it's one of the worst pains I've ever had in my life. I into see Dr. Ghosh and told him what happened at the hospital and my systems. He had me stand up move my arm around. Boom!! He knew what it was and treated me. Before I was out of the office 80% of my pain was gone. I could go on and on about this healer doctor and the praises he deserves but you just have to go see for yourself.
Thank You Doc.